Renewable energy is important for the progress of the human race as non-renewable sources eventually without functioning. Coal pollutes the environment by creating greenhouse gases and is not recycled. Nuclear power puts the lives of surrounding residents at great risk. In a case of nuclear pollution spill may last hundreds of years. In many large cities gasoline vehicles emit dangerous toxic gases. Most vehicles produced today are not electric. Unfortunately, most machinists still prefer cars that run on fuel and motorcycles that pollute the atmosphere.

Today, in countries such as Iceland, Tajikistan, Paraguay, Albania and Lesotho, 100% of all the energy generated comes from renewable sources. Unfortunately, in most countries the percentage of energy generated from renewable sources is much lower.

The objective of the Renewable Energy Society (RES) is to promote the generation of renewable energy and several finance renewable energy projects. Renewable energy will reduce greenhouse gases and fuel emissions. Renewable Energy Society works on the following projects:

- promotion of renewable energy via social media, websites, email newsletters, festival stalls, professional exhibition booths and market stalls,

- renewable energy research (our main project is Discrete Power Converter or DPC),

- sending renewable energy devices to third world countries,

- green lendings to entrepreneurs in third world countries via website,

- Environmental Exhibitions to promote the environment and current environmental issues:

- Environmental Conferences to discuss the environment and current environmental issues:

Please donate to Renewable Energy Society. We supply solar desk lamps, solar torches and solar USB chargers to individuals and communities in third world countries like Philippines and India. Those people are very poor and cannot afford electricity. Without renewable energy they cannot see at night. You do not need a PayPal account, just a credit card and we will not see your credit card details.