Comments about our website

The header area of the website is clumsy. Too many navigation links making it user unfriendly. There has to be a structure.

The footer of the page: The website has been designed by Yola, and that advertising image is displayed on each page. The contact information should be displayed better, at the top of a page, so people do not have to search for it - they should see it fast. Social buttons like Facebook / Twitter should also be displayed at the top of the page, not many people scroll to the bottom of a page with full interests, thus they will not Tweet or Like your page fast.

Some pages has a bad designed graphics, style and layout. The phone numbers on the image below very clumsy and not very user friendly.

When we look into the source of a page / the HTML code; we see that there is no external CSS file, all the CSS style mark-up code is stacked in the HTML page, this makes your website load slower.

And there is no meta data set on the pages, Search engines do not know for which Keywords they should be ranking you for. Without that information your website does not get any visitors, no one knows your website exists - no one can find it when searching for "Renewable Energy" or similar keywords.


All the pages have a somewhat same layout, it bores visitors very fast - losing their interest in your business. As the website has been built using a template by - your website is not unique thus there are not many possibilities with it.

The website has no specific keywords it is targeting - no SEO has been done - not even on-site SEO. Without SEO a website is practically useless as a marketing tool. Search Engine Optimisation is the main process of getting visitors / potential customers to your website from relevant search terms from Google and other sites.

For more information about SEO, and how important it really is:

David,, September 2012

Please donate to Renewable Energy Society. We supply solar desk lamps, solar torches and solar USB chargers to individuals and communities in third world countries like Philippines and India. Those people are very poor and cannot afford electricity. Without renewable energy they cannot see at night. You do not need a PayPal account, just a credit card and we will not see your credit card details.